Easter History & Facts| Easter Customs & Traditions

Easter is a popular festival that is celebrated throughout the world about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. People consider this Easter festival a spring festival that makes people rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is the most important Christian holiday for all Christians throughout the world. The week before the arrival of the Easter festival is called the ‘holy week.’ After the crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans at Calvary for 30 AD, the Easter festival arrived as part of the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Three days after the death of Jesus Christ, people believed that the Lord rose from his death. People consider today as a holiday all over the world.

After Good Friday, people celebrate Easter on Sundays. On this special day, people make preparations to celebrate in a magnificent way. Some celebrations on Easter evenings include church services, large family meals, Easter decoration and giving gifts to their loved ones. This is all you need to know about the Easter festival. You can get complete information about Easter, history and other facts about the festival. People who plan to celebrate Easter can also examine Easter customs and traditions that are followed by people around the world.

There are many wonderful events that true Christians observe and commemorate. However, many holidays today have adopted traditions and customs with the origin of infidels or associations. True Christians should want to know that God does not approve of certain habits if they come from false religion or oppose the teachings of the Bible. (Matthew 15: 6) God explained through His Word the Bible that if a Christian intentionally participates in a holiday or habit, surely there is no known association of pagan religion.

So what about Origin, Tradition, and Easter Customs? Are they Christian or are they Pagan?

From childhood, you may have been told that Easter is a Christian celebration that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, instead of being a celebration of Christianity, many authoritative historical works clearly show that Easter was an idol worshiper, with strong roots in ancient sex worship. (Read some of these Encyclopedia quotes in: Easter – Pagan and Unscriptural – Quotes from The Watchtower 4/15/63 and 3/15/68)

The majority of this page contains quotes and references regarding pagan origins and associations in connection with: EASTER, COLOR EGGS and RABBIT; HOT-TRAFFIC CHANNEL / “BREAD CAKES” and FASTER FIRE.